Guide to Qatar: Get Your Hayya Card Now


There are 30 more days to the Qatar FIFA World Cup!

The FIFA World Cup finals which will be held from 20th November to 18th December in Qatar this year are ready to bring craziness to all football fans worldwide this winter.

There are many football lovers and national team fans all around the world who travel to the Arab country, to watch the biggest football event in the stadiums, witness their favourite team playing and experience the atmosphere.

Before the journey to Western Asia starts, make sure you have prepared well for everything needed for your Qatar trip. Here is some useful information to catch on about the travel of the FIFA World Cup!

The Most Important Hayya Card

The Hayya card is the most important item to prepare before you fly to Qatar this winter.

A Hayya card is mandatory stuff to be equipped by all foreign tourists during the FIFA World Cup tournament. It contained multiple features or documents including the entry visa, the World Cup match ticket, a free public transportation pass and emergency medical service.

The cardholder can also bring along another three persons to enter Qatar, but each of them will be charged 500 Riyal.

No Covid Vaccine Certificate Needed

The Qatar government didn’t force the tourists to prepare their certificate of COVID-19 vaccines, however, any person above 6 years old who takes on a flight to Qatar, has to confirm their PCR test result to be negative in the last 48 hours.

Every adult tourist has to download Ehteraz, the mobile app for a health examination.

Besides, a tourist who didn’t vaccinate against COVID-19 has to put on a facial mask for ten days upon their arrival in Qatar.

Any person who is detected positive for COVID-19 has to be quarantined for five days.

No Alcohol Allowed

As an Islamic country, Qatar does not allow any tourists to bring any alcohol into the country.

The United States Embassy suggested the tourist not carry any product related to pork or any related to sex, and check if their medicine is legal in Qatar along their trip.

There are more than 30 restaurants or hotels in Qatar which sell beer. During the FIFA World Cup competition, all stadiums are prohibited to sell any product related to alcohol, and selling of alcohol near the stadium area is not allowed 30 minutes before the match starts, and allowed to continue selling one hour after the match finished.

The Convenience of Transportation

During the FIFA World Cup finals, five stadiums among the eight are near to a train station. The operating hours for the train are 6 am to 3 am the next morning, except Friday, which is operating at 9 am.

During the tournament, there will be more than 3000 buses to carry the football fans going and back from the stadiums, fan zones and two airports.

Meanwhile, Qatar Airways announced to withdraw of 18 destinations from their flight, to make space for the Hamad International Airport, so those airways companies could carry more tourists to watch the World Cup matches in November and December.

There are approximately 1.2 million people who will travel to Qatar to experience the FIFA World Cup 2022.